Friday, April 1, 2011

A Cloud Of Dust

Proverbs 4:27 (MSG)
Look neither right nor left;  leave evil in the dust.

I used to have a very precious Great Aunt and Uncle who lived out in the country in the Missouri farming community.  They have since gone on to be with our Lord, but we frequently enjoyed long visits with them.  Several summers, in fact, my Mom and Dad would let me go there and stay for an entire week. 

There are many special memories that I have of the time spent with them in their little farm house.  The smell of freshly mowed fields, the taste of home made ice cream, the ear piercing sounds of the insects at night as the breeze gently blew through my room are all bursting to the front of my mind.  But, one of the most profound memories I have is traveling on the dry dirt roads.  I remember riding in the car and looking back at the enormous cloud of dust that we would leave trailing behind our car as we went into town.  The ground was usually so dry at this time of year, that tiny particles of dirt flew in such a thick veiled wall behind us that you couldn't see anything through it.

Leaving "evil in the dust," suggests placing it behind a thick impenetrable wall where we cannot have contact with it.  It conjures up pictures of a complete separation from the schemes of Satan.  Praying tonight that God would pour His Holy Spirit power into my life and allow me to recognize the tricks of the enemy, so that I can remain entirely removed from evil.

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