Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Regrets

Proverbs 5:11 (MSG)
You don't want to end your life full of regrets, nothing but sin and bones,

Probably one of the saddest things I witnessed during my fifteen years as a nurse in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, was not the actual death of a patient, but the anguish of a patient who felt their life had not been lived robustly.  As they were faced with a grim diagnosis of a failing heart, many of them were full of regrets.  Some people were remorseful for things they had done and others were rueful over things they had not done

Either way, there was a heavy burden in their soul that they had somehow "missed the boat".  They had a sense that their life was not complete and that they had not lived it to the fullest.  Today's verse refers to this same sense of incompleteness.  It is describing a life that comes to the very end of the journey and finds out that they spent all of their time heading in the wrong direction and in this case with the wrong "uncaring" people. 

Praying for clearly defined boundaries in my life.  Asking the Lord to set His hand upon my family and direct us into His perfect will for each of our lives, so that we will come to the end of our time on earth with no regrets!! 

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