Sunday, May 21, 2017

Book Review: Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray

Jeremiah 31:3
"I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness."


Life is noisy. But what would happen if every day - for the next 40 days - you soaked in God's love as He intimately whispered words of rest just for you?

WHISPERS OF REST is a 40-day devotional detox for your soul, a spiritual journey to refresh you and guide you to greater peace, while helping you discover who God truly made you to be: His beloved. Renew your spirit with powerful affirmations of God's love with uplifting words of Scripture, journaling prompts for reflection, and practical challenges to spark joy. Bonnie will lead you to places of rest, where you can deeply experience the Savior's presence in your everyday life.

This beautiful guidebook will create space for your soul to breathe:

Soul Care Tips & Trail Notes - Reduce stress and nurture your body and spirit.
Daily Beloved Challenges - Brighten your day by taking simple soul care actions.
A Simple Prayer Practice - Deepen your intimacy with God through easy-to-enjoy prayer prompts, inspired by classic devotional practices.

A lot can happen in 40 days. A new rhythm. A new heart. A renewed faith.
Transform your life as you take the journey to say yes to God, embrace your true identity, rediscover your dreams, and begin your healing. Dare to enjoy each day fully and celebrate your calling as the beloved.


Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray is a beautiful forty day devotional organized in an easy to follow format. The book draws the reader into a more active awareness of the Lord's presence and encourages a deeper relationship with Christ. It is a work designed to be lingered over and journaled through, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and quiet your heart to experience the truths found in the Word of God.

This journal/devotional is arranged in a forty day sequence rather than the popular 30 day readers, because as the author points out "there's something special about forty". Bonnie Gray explains that "in forty days, Jesus found His voice in the wilderness intertwined with God's words. In forty weeks, the seed of life in a woman's womb transforms into flesh, a baby with a heartbeat and a name. For forty years, God whispered 'Good morning' by sending manna falling like dew, nourishing the body and soul." This concept of the significance of the number forty has always intrigued me, and therefore, this book was an automatic draw. I was not disappointed.

Whispers of Rest is meant to be read on a daily basis. The idea is to develop (or redevelop if you've gotten out of the habit) a quiet time with the Lord whereby you will hear God's personal words to you. The book also instructs the reader to take time for Him to hear your expressed heart in return through  "private conversations" with God. The author also challenges the reader to work through the devotions with friends.

The daily reading of scripture, reflecting on where you are with God through journaling, praying, and resting enough to refocus on Christ are the model Gray provides. She uses inspirational quotes and scripture, prayer prompts, a daily prayer, a one word prayer (to be a touchstone from Scripture throughout the day), a soul care tip and practical suggestions to decrease stress in your life.  

My takeaway from this 40 Day Devotional is what you would expect...and then some. In a noisy world of hurried, worried, competitive, social media frenzy this book will give you permission to stop and shut the door on all of it...if only for 30 minutes a day. During this time, you will be transformed; you can not help but be changed as you quiet your heart and mind and openly come before the throne of God. The scripture that floats into my head from Romans 12:2 seems ever so fitting to describe this book.

Romans 12:2(NIV)
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

This book is a winner! In fact, I liked the book so much, that I ordered an extra copy to give a friend so that we can experience the closeness of Christ together. Bonnie Gray has successfully managed to communicate who we are as a child of the most high King. We are BELOVED. We are Christ's BELOVED sons and daughters and as such, we have the distinct honor of abiding in that love. While dwelling in the love of Christ, it is there that we will learn to live as a beloved child of the Lord. Taking this 40 day journey through Whispers Of Rest by Bonnie Gray has the potential to rekindle a flame in your heart, renew and refresh a latent passion, and to "dare, dream, and shine" as Christ whispers His good, pleasing and perfect will into your life! 

Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray will be released on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. If you would like to preorder at an amazing price, you can do so by clicking here.

Thank you to Faith Words a division of Hachete Book Group, Inc for this review copy of Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray. I was not required to write a favorable review, but rather to give an honest evaluation of the work.