Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review: Successful WOMEN of the BIBLE by Katara Washington Patton


The second book in a new series that brings the experiences of favorite Bible characters to challenges of contemporary life.

Contemporary "success" is often defined in financial terms or by number of Twitter followers. But for women of faith, success is so much more. And it turns out the timeless qualities of success are exemplified by women on the pages of their favorite book, the Bible. Deborah's model leadership is just as relevant today as it was in the age of the Hebrew judges. Esther's courage to stand up for a cause, Miriam's joyful support of others, Priscilla's exemplary partnership skill, Lydia's business acumen, and other characteristics of women in the Bible are embodied in lively storytelling. Busy Christian women--often working and raising a family--crave examples of success. Here are distilled principles they can use to succeed in today's noisy culture. The lessons of these icons of the faith apply, even in the age of Facebook and Instagram.


Katara Washington Patton has written and edited Christian books for children, teens, and adults and has created supplemental materials for books by T.D. Jakes, Beth Moore, and Joyce Meyer. She served as general editor and writer of Aspire: The New Women of Color Study Bible. She holds a M.Div. from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.


Successful Women of the Bible by Katara Washington Patton~published by Faith Words~ is a beautifully insightful book that has significant spiritual application for women everywhere!

I absolutely loved Successful Women of the Bible. I'm confident that, if you are a woman, you will see some of your strengths and perhaps a few pitfalls of your weaknesses amidst the pages of this thoughtful read. The author, Katara Washington Patton carefully analyzes the lives of some prominent women of the Bible to create an engaging work that will encourage your heart.

The author clearly defines behaviors that will lead to a closer and more effective walk with the Lord as she evaluates eleven different women of the Bible. She also highlights the importance of women standing together in courage and unity to accomplish certain difficult tasks, citing the story of the "Daughters of Zelophehad", which I might add, I had never that was a treat! She describes them as a "group of women in the Bible whose interdependence changed the history of a people and further inspires an independent gal like myself to value interdependence even more than independence." (Italics my own.) 

Patton challenges women to "learn that depending on others is not a sign of weakness, but interdependence" that "could actually make me and others stronger." As an "older gal" myself...I can verify from some years of experience... that Patton's statement is definitely true in my life! When I see the amazing women that the Lord places in my life as "teammates" rather than "competition", I am much more sensitive to the Spirit's leading and therefore more apt to accomplish His kingdom purposes.

The format used in this book allows a clear picture of what attributes to recognize within yourself that will assist you in experiencing the complete plan that God is calling you to. At the end of each chapter, Patton takes the creative liberty to write a fictional letter from the Biblical character that singles out their love and devotion to God! I loved Priscilla and Esther... 

"I am Esther, queen of the land. Called for such a time as this. It's not just about me. I can and will influence and impact other's lives. God always has a plan and a plan of escape for those trapped. I will seek to do all that I can to be a voice for the voiceless and lift up the ones without, sometimes scared, but always trusting in God. I know I have been placed on this earth for more than myself and my comfort. I am the voice, I am the arms, I am the eyes of those who need it the most. I know God is all over my life and is directing my story, so I listen for His prompting and His cues so I might follow."

Successful WOMEN of the BIBLE by Katara Washington Patton will be released tomorrow- 8/23/2016 and can be purchased here. It's an incredible read. I highly recommend you snatch it will definitely be refreshed!!

Thank you to Faith Words for this review copy of Successful Women of the Bible by Katara Washington Patton. I was not required to write a favorable review, but rather to give my honest opinion of it's content. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Book Review: The Gold by Krista Wagner

Another intriguing work by Krista Wagner.
Publishers Description

Ten-year-old Amanda is constantly teased and tormented in school. Her home life is less than satisfactory where her widower father, who is often away on business trips, leaves her in the care of her indifferent teenaged sister. Worse, not a day goes by when Amanda doesn't miss her mom. TO escape reality, Amanda creates fantasy stories, but when she discovers a talking golden pebble, her imagined world turns into a new-fangled reality.

Praise For The Gold

"I loved the way the story unfolded and the magic and mystery were revealed. This book is bound to be a winner with audiences of all ages."

~Susan Day
author and illustrator of the Astro's Adventures series

My Personal Review

The Gold by Krista Wagner & published by Clean Reads is a short fantasy novel that will keep your attention from beginning to end. The publishing information for this book is specifically labeled for the 10-18 year old age group. The main character, Amanda, is in fifth grade. She lives with her Dad and sister. She spends much of her time at home alone or with her preoccupied teenage sister. 

As the story unfolds, the reader learns a little about Amanda's Mom who "passed away from a long term ailment". The incredible sadness and loneliness that her mother's passing has created is tenderly and realistically portrayed from a young girl's perspective. The author's development of Amanda's character creates a connection with the reader immediately and her adventures are spun from there. It is at times a whimsical ride and at other junctures a tumultuous journey.

Here is my take on this novel. First of all, the book left me wanting more. Right from the start, I wanted to know more about the a prequel would be exceptional....and I definitely want to know what happens in the a sequel is a must. Secondly, I greatly appreciated the presentation of the sensitive matter of bullying. Wagner's vivid description of the emotions encountered during episodes of harassment is exceptional. The author also beautifully illustrates how important it is to be connected and aware of what our children are experiencing, so that we can show them love and avoid feelings of desperation and isolation. Finally, I think this work is entertaining for the younger reader and simultaneously has the potential to deliver a sense of hope to a hurting heart. I will be watching for the next book in this series!