Sunday, April 24, 2011

Foolish Decisions And Abundant Hope

Proverbs 5:23 (MSG)
Death is the reward of an undisciplined life;  your foolish decisions trap you in a dead end.

Happy Easter!!  What a beautiful day in God's House!  I promised I would keep you posted on the "Tulip Regeneration Challenge" involving three frozen...dead...tulip bulbs.  I fed them, watered them, put them in the sun, and gave them lots of protection from the wind.  I am sad to report, however, that they are still dead.  I know this does not come as a surprise to all of you horticulturists out there.  Apparently, once the bulb blooms that's it for the year...who knew!? 
The lesson I learned in the literal sense is that, despite my willing it to grow, the laws of nature that God applied to vegetation still exist.

Now, from the spiritual sense, I have learned much, much more.  First, I learned that there are exciting things that God still has for me to complete to help fulfill His purposes down here on planet earth.  Second, I learned that I need to serve God and not put him in my little box and expect Him to serve me.  (A lesson I needed to learn~sadly.)  I have come to understand that some dreams that I have placed in the back recesses of my mind need to be pulled out and laid before the Lord in His light, to determine if they are worthy of pursuing, or if they need to be extinguished. 

Finally, one of the last things I learned involves tonight's verse about foolish decisions trapping you in dead ends and consequences that often affect a lot more people than just ourselves.  The result of unchecked sin in our lives is so devastating and the Bible has much to say about it.  One of the stories I studied is the story of Absalom and Amnon found in 2 Samuel 14-16. Within this story, I discovered some sad, but true realities about sin and the wake of destruction that it leaves behind.  God's forgiveness doesn't always take away that compilation of debris, but that doesn't mean that He is through with us yet, or that He has somehow given up on us.  Eugene Peterson, in The Message Remix, puts it this way, "Even though some consequences may live on, God's purpose for your life still stands.  When God gets started, nothing can get in His way.  Not even you or me." 

A message of hope for sure!  That's what Easter is all about!  The resurrection of Christ and the hope of an abundant life with Him now and in eternity!  It doesn't get any better than that!
Praising God tonight for new life and the hope of a future!

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