Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ant Lessons

Proverbs 6:6(MSG)
You lazy fool, look at an ant.  Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two.

I knew exactly where to go.  My husband was busy doing something in the other room, so I quietly slipped out the front door.  I went to precisely the spot that I had noticed them yesterday.  I peered into the corner and began to carefully track their path.  It was easy at first, cuz the line was visible from my vantage point.  But, as they moved into the grass, it became a wee bit trickier to maintain the lead I had on them. 

I persevered though....following them through blades of grass and over miniature stick bridges that they had made from the twigs that had fallen on the ground.  Just when I was sure that I had found their castle, they would surprise me and appear on the other side continuing their journey to their final destination.  I carefully tip-toed beside their trail and had just found their connecting location to a swift incline up the tree.  I stared up into the branches, standing on my tippy toes, looking higher and higher into the tree trying to figure out where they had gone.....when all of a sudden a loud deep voice came booming from across the yard, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" 

It was my sweet husband.  I guess he wasn't as busy as I thought he was, cuz he came out and had been watching me for a time.  Seems that I might have looked a little bit "unstable" to the casual onlooker as I followed my creature trails.  Oops.....might have carried this verse a little too far.......chuckle...
Have you ever watched an ant....for real?  Well, that's what I was doing out in the front yard.  Interesting creatures.  Here is what I observed.  They are very organized.  There is a lot of them!  They make straight lines following each other to a certain place and then turn around to head back the other way.  They come back the same way they go fact sometimes they run into each other and have to veer off course.  Some of them are carrying food in very large pieces.  Here is a picture of them: is what they taught me after observing them today: 

First, we should stick together; we're a team.

Second, I  learned we should move over and agree to share the road when we are on a     collision course with someone.  You can see it in the picture.  See where there are two ants side by side?  They are yielding to one another.

Third, we have to learn to follow our leaders....although, I wasn't sure which ones were, I guess I could learn that a good leader needs to stand apart from the pack. 

Fourth, I observed that they all worked.  Some were going slower than others, but they were all working.  Most of them were carrying something...small pieces and big pieces of food?  Lesson for your food.

Fifth,  I found one I thought was dead, but when I gently touched it, it jumped up and marched on!  I guess it was resting~another thing to learn....when you're tired.....lay down and take a nap! 
There you have it....what I learned from the ant today....

Lord, I have so much to learn about life and serving You.  Please continue to show me Your patience and favor as I discover Your path.  Asking for comfort tonight for those who have suffered such great loss in the tornadoes and flooding.  Amen



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