Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Sinking Pond

Proverbs 2:17 (ESV)
for her house sinks down to death, and her paths to the departed;

I have a pond close to my house.  I think it is sinking....
We live in an area that is prone to have sink holes.  One year, on the evening news, we heard about a house that was standing one minute and the next minute half of it was in the ground!  It had fallen prey to the swallowing earth.  (Thankfully no one was in it at the time.)  As I bring this forward in my mind, I can't help but think of that large pond that was once a small mud puddle that sits not far from my office window.  I have watched it through the years and it is most certainly getting bigger!  I have also noticed that it didn't happen over night.  We have lived here for almost ten years now.  That spot was always a slightly depressed area in the field, but today, it is a large pool of water with defined earthen banks.  I wish I had a picture of it from when we first moved in here.  Either that or a time lapse camera that had been fixed on it since the beginning. That would have been fun to watch.
I wonder if that's how it happens for the Seductress that this verse is talking about today.  I am curious if she started out that way, or if she started making subtle poor decisions that began her spiral downward.  You know...little behaviors that might not be too obvious by themselves, but eventually get bigger and bigger.  Maybe she started with small digs at her husband...maybe she started tearing him down in front of other people...not really respecting his decisions...and then one day..she started her more overt behaviors of seduction.  I guess I will never know, but the end result the Bible tells me is a house of death!!  Oh boy...that can't be good!  Praying today to keep my actions honoring my husband and looking up to the Lord for His umbrella over our family...and His foundation under our home....and pond....

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