Monday, January 24, 2011


Proverbs 2:17 (MSG)
Who's faithless to the husband she married years ago, never gave a second thought to her promises before God.

Ok...just to refresh in my mind,

 this chapter has been discussing that if we search hard for insight and don't give up, we will find it.  The insight will reveal to us the Fear-of-God and with that fear will come the Knowledge of God!  When we find this, we will have the friendship of wisdom, knowledge, and good sense to take with us everywhere we go.  These friends will keep us from a lot of circumstances that can complicate and bring a great deal of pain to our lives.  Today's verse, is referring to the Temptress from yesterday's verse.  It is a description of her behavior....
"faithless to her husband" and not giving a second thought to her promises she made before God.
When I read this my heart sinks....deep!!  I am distressed for both the husband and the wife that he dishonored in this discussion, as well as the Temptress.  The results of our brief and unthinking actions have such ripple effects and even long lasting waves!  In the blink of an eye...without the wisdom and strength of the Holy Spirit to guide us, we can create such destruction and not even realize what we are doing!!  I am praying for marriages today.  Specifically that each partner would think about their mate first...before this type of devastating action is carried out.

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