Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guidance Through Thick and Thin

Proverbs 2:13 (MSG)
Of those who are lost themselves and can't tell a trail from a tumbleweed,

Yesterday's verse spoke of following bad directions and today we find out who is giving those poor directives.....and it is the lost ones.  Apparently those who don't have a map should  not be leading the way. 

 It was (and is) so beautiful here this morning!  The snow is gently falling from the sky and the huge spiral flakes are swirling in the brilliant early morning darkness.  I went out for my usual morning run with my faithful friend and found out just how important it is to be following someone who knows the path.....only instead of tumbleweeds, we were navigating over boulders ( treacherous all the same...). 
The route we run is on pavement most of the way, but there is a short portion of it that is "off road".  We take this area slow even on good days, because it has precarious footing due to erosion from down hill water paths carved into the surface.  However, this morning it was completely covered with the gorgeous white stuff.  The snow covering created the illusion of a wonderfully smooth surface, but we knew ankle twisters were hidden just beneath the blanket.
I, unfortunately, am not the stronger runner....she is.  She can navigate and move through most any obstacles, but me, well.....not so much.  Going up this hill seemed daunting to me this morning, until I had a brilliant idea....I got right behind her and stepped in her exact foot prints.  It was perfect!!  I didn't miss any steps and not once did I stumble.  I was so thankful for her sure~footed confident direction! Without it, I know I would have done a "face plant" in the snow!  Praying today to recognize the people God has placed in my life to give me wise counsel.

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