Thursday, February 24, 2011

Right There With You

Proverbs 3:26 (MSG)
Because God will be right there with you;  He'll keep you safe and sound.

We were leaving for our family vacation and had arrived at the airport with just enough time to run to the ticket counter and make our departure.  My husband and I were dodging in and out of the sea of people trying to maneuver ourselves to the attendant.  Finally, we got to the baggage check in area.  As we stood juggling our luggage and trying to dig out our itenerary, I looked behind me to make sure that the kids were with me.  There was the oldest child, but where was our little two year old!?? 

I swung around frantically searching the hall with my darting eyes, as the deep sense of fear welled up within my heart.  My husband said, "Honey, what's wrong?"  I practically screamed, "Where's---?"  Just as I got the name out, I felt a little tug on my leg.  Yeap, you guessed sweet little girl had been standing so close to me that I didn't even see her!!  I was looking too far away.  I was sure she had wandered off into the masses of people, but instead, she was dutifully standing right beside me. 
I know that's how it is with my Father.  Sometimes I get so frenzied searching for Him, that I forget He is "right there with me", keeping me "safe and sound" as the verse says.   Praying tonight for a renewed awareness of God's presence in my life and the lives of my family. 

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