Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Black Pants

Proverbs 3:10 (MSG)
Your barns will burst, your wine vats will brim over.

Something very strange happened to me today....

I have the privilege to volunteer at my daughter's school once a week.  I assist in the office, so when I plan on being there, I usually try to wear "office attire".  What that spells out to in my "wardrobe challenged world", is a pair of dress pants and some sort of professional looking top.  Today was my volunteer day.  I got up and around this morning and decided that I wanted to wear one of my warmer sweaters, since it was 12 degrees outside.  I have a black and gray sweater that I picked to wear with a pair of black pants.  Sounds easy enough....right?  You would think.  I proceed to get dressed, hop in the car, and get off to school. 
As I'm working away, I notice that the pants seem to be a bit tighter in the legs....hmmm I think.  We are coming off of the Christmas holiday, the Thanksgiving season, the New Years holiday, the Super Bowl holiday..(oh yeah, that's not a holiday)....maybe a little too many calories is the problem?  The next thing I notice, as I get up to deliver some materials around the school, is that the pant legs are quite a bit shorter than I remember them being.  Hmmm....that's weird...well, if you read my post from a few weeks back, then you know that my Dad and I fixed our dryer.  Maybe we fixed the dryer so good, that it shrunk my pants to a much shorter length?  It could happen, right?  The next strange thing I notice, is that the hook and button are on the complete opposite side from where they usually are!!  How did the button get switched to the other side???  I have no logical explanation for this one, despite racking my brain to come up with something! 
I wrestle with these findings most of the morning.  Finally,  I dismiss the whole affair thinking that I have entirely fabricated all of these changes in my over imaginatory mind.  I mean, come on, I have better things to do than think about my pants, right?? 
Eventually, my time at school concludes and I venture out into the gray, cold world for a few errands.  When I end my trip, I pull into the garage and escape into the warmth of my comfy home.  I proceed to my closet to throw on the tired and well worn jeans that have become my number one favorite pair of clothing.  As I am hanging up the black pants, I notice the tag inside....it reads....18 husky...huh?  That's not the size I wear?  As I gander deeper into the dark recesses which are my closet, I see another pair of black pants......MY black pants!  I grabbed them and put them on and with  great relief, I find that yes indeed, the button and hook are on the correct side.... the length of the pant legs is normal....and the fit in the legs is loose!!  Hooray!! 
Yes, I wore my son's pants to work today.  What does this have to do with the verse above you might ask?  Well, apparently, my "barn is bursting" .....errrr....at least my closet is full, obviously if I can mistake my son's pants for a pair of my own!  I am praising God tonight for a closet full of clothes and a very warm "barn" to sleep in.

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