Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wrap Up

Proverbs 6:21(MSG)

Wrap yourself in them from head to foot; wear them like a scarf around your neck.

My daughter and her sweet puppy~wrapped up.
I ran down the stairs as fast as my little legs would carry me.  Skipping every other step in my hurried frenzy to get to the bottom, I nearly tripped and fell down the last three steps.  Once I finally reached the basement floor, I ran across the cold concrete and slid the last two feet on my socks to the beautiful line up.  Just like every other day, there they sat, patiently awaiting my arrival.  My very own pair of ice skates!! 

They were the smallest pair of skates taking their rightful place at the end of the line, beginning with the oldest pair and proceeding down to mine, the youngest.  The magical white boots with long laces tucked neatly under the tongue of the shoe with the shining sharp blade on the bottom were a welcome sight after a long day at school.  I grabbed them and began the ritual of lacing them up....quite a process I might add.  

After I got my skates on, I would get my coat and zip it high, followed by the mittens, hat, and finally the scarf.  After wrapping myself from head to toe, I would be ready to shuffle over to the door and enter into the tundra.  As I shoved open the back door, the wind would hit me and the freezing bits of snow would try to sting my face, but nothing could get through....I was all wrapped up.

We lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when I was growing up.  My Dad (to read more about him see "My Daddy's Lessons" by clicking here) who was as brilliant back then as he is now, figured out a way to get us kids out of the house, burn off some energy, and have a great time doing it.  That's quite a feat, I might add!  Every winter after the first hard freeze and snow fall, he would turn our back yard into an ice skating rink!  Can you believe that???  I know...what a cool Dad, huh?  He was and still is pretty cool. 

Nearly every night after school, we would come home and go out in the back yard for ice skating.  As the winter progressed, my Dad would just keep adding more water, making the rink thicker and smoother.  As it snowed, the older kids would shovel it and make big mountains in the middle for us to race around and play ice tag.  Such incredible memories.

The verse tonight brought all those wonderful times to my mind.  When I think about them now in the context of this verse, I never remember getting cold....except for my toes.  I was completely shielded from the spitting snow and biting wind.  I never felt the frigid temperatures, because I wore the protective gear.  That must be what this verse means....wrap yourself in your father's good advice and your mother's teachings and you will be shielded from will be spared from a great deal of heartache and trouble.

Thank you for the book of Proverbs.  I am trully gaining so much insight and confidence in my understanding of how much You love your children and desire for us to live an abundant life through Your son, Jesus Christ.  Help me to apply the good advice and wise teachings that You are giving me through Your Word.  Empower me to pass that on to my children in a way that they can understand it.  I praise you tonight....for You are so worthy of all of my praise.

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