Monday, May 23, 2011

Rescue Work On Our Knees

Psalm 139:5 (NIV)
You hem me in--behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.

Today was the day!  I have the wonderful tradition of traveling each year to the mountains to visit my Northern Sister.  She graciously invites me back each year for hiking, kayaking, leisurely walks,  long talks over hot coffee, and just good old fashioned sister time.  I cherish these moments with her. 

As we traveled through the airport today, however, my heart remained heavy for the devastation in Missouri.  Rounding a corner in the airport, we ran into two government personnel leading FEMA rescue dogs heading, not doubt, to the ravaged area.  There have been seventeen people (so far) rescued from the rubble.  Stories are emerging of heroism and selfless acts to assist others in their hour of need.  God is moving amongst the heart break.

Continuing to pray for those who have been affected by this incredible disaster.  Asking the Lord to help them find rest, comfort, and the strong assurance that God will carry them through. 

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