Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Track

Proverbs 6:18(MSG)
A heart that hatches evil plots, feet that race down a wicked track. 

I ran track and competed on a relay team once....when I was younger.  We practiced A LOT!  Here is what I remember about it.  I discovered that you never want to look back when you are receiving  the baton.  I also remember being instructed that when you are passing the baton, you always want to carefully and firmly place it in the runner's hand until you are sure they have a solid grip and then you can let go.  I found out that you have to match your pace with the other runner....sometimes that meant slowing down...other times it meant speeding up a bit.  Another important revelation was that you had to stay in your own lane crossing allowed!  That required a very focused attention to the lines on the track, a tunnel vision of sorts.  I  learned, from experience I might add, that you NEVER want to drop the baton.  I also observed that if you do drop the baton.....the race is lose! 

So, as I think about how the Lord hates a heart that devises evil plans and as I ponder how He hates feet that "race down a wicked track", I reflect upon those racing days.  This is what I decided.  It's your heart that gets you into trouble.  It's your heart that steers you into the evil lane.  Once you're on that dark's difficult to get off, because you're extremely focused....totally concentrating on the immediate task....ignoring everything that is going on around you.  Suddenly and often without drop the baton....and then it's to lose....and so do all of those people on your team that were counting on you.  Yikes...
Light reflecting off of the water creating a path.
Praying tonight for God's continued guidance of my heart and my children's hearts, so that we will remain on the righteous path.  Asking Him to shine brightly in the darkness, so that there will be no mistaking His direction for our lives.

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  1. Wonderful insight to this passage and a reminder of prayer for God's help to remain on His path of love, righteousness and obedience to His word. I am the branch and He is the vine. Lord, may I always remain grafted in You so that my life bears Your fruit!