Saturday, May 7, 2011

Serving Others

Proverbs 6:14(MSG)
Their perverse minds are always cooking up something nasty, always stirring up trouble.


I went to see the theatre production of "The Hiding Place" today.  It was an amazing play put on by a dedicated group of local Christians who volunteer their time to honor the Lord through drama.  The theatre always has stories that are Christ honoring.  Today's production was an incredible depiction of Corrie ten Boom's life in Harlem Holand during the Nazi invasion of their country during World War II. 

Hitler would have to be classified in my book under a "perverse mind" as tonight's verse describes.  The ten Boom family's convictions to serve the Lord and rescue as many of God's "chosen people" (Jewish) by hiding them in their home to protect them from the slaughter at the hands of the Germans, was a testimony to the great courage and constant confidence they had in the Lord!

Corrie's story of love, strength, and faith in God during such incredible oppression is a huge challenge to me.  It makes me open my eyes and ask....."What can I be doing to really serve my Father?"

Praying tonight for open eyes to what the Lord has for me in the way of serving and loving His children. 

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  1. She lived an inspiring life of love, faith and devotion to the Lord!