Wednesday, May 4, 2011

His Promise~by Jaime

Proverbs 6:11(MSG)
Just this:  You can look forward to a dirt-poor life, poverty your permanent houseguest!

See!!?  I told you I was wrong!!  I really shouldn't be taking naps! 

No....I'm just kidding.  Yesterday's verse talks about a "nap here and a nap there" and the words left us hanging as to what "napping" was going to get us.  Well, apparently too much napping is really not a good idea, however, the Bible has many references to resting as a desired act.  Even as early as the book of Exodus 31:15 (NIV), where it says, "Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the Lord."  So see, we can still enjoy our naps and a few periods of rest.
Phew....that is a relief to me!!

I have been pondering these verses today, however, from a spiritual standpointI've spent some time turning them over in my mind, examining the words one by one. I came to a conclusion.  I have been honest with myself and acknowledged that there have been days where I have "taken naps" and "days off" from the Lord.....ashamedly. There have been some mornings where I have not sought His counsel through the reading of His Word.  Further still, there have been evenings where I selfishly haven't even uttered so much as a "Thank you, Lord for helping my family and I through this day!"  Not so good, huh?  True confessions from a weary soldier.

When I am in His word in the morning and I systematically march through the Bible chapters, He speaks to me.  Sometimes it is through the characters in the Bible story itself, and other times through actual words that are written down as though they are a directives straight from His mouth to me.  At other seasons in my life, He uses that time to correct, encourage, and yes....sometimes even gently prune those areas in my life that He knows I will get snagged upon, if He doesn't cut them.  (Ouch.)  He continually uses that precious time to  mold me into the shape He needs me to be to fulfill the purposes He has designed for my day.  So thankful.

So, in a spiritual sense, my "nap here" and a "nap there", a "day off here" and a "day off there" really does impoverish me and turn my existence into a joyless, aimless, burdensome, shackled, wasted life!  The good news for each of us though, is that a consistent, transparent, continual communion with God and His word, will bring about His promises and purpose in each of our lives!  Ahhhhh.....He is such a loving and gracious God, who plans to keep every one of the promises that He has given to us! 

Today, I am very excited and honored to leave you with a "Painting by Jaime".  Jaime is a beautiful young lady who is utilizing the gift of art that the Lord has blessed her with to quietly preach the beautiful presence of God.  I hope you can get a feel for the majesty in this is truly a sight to see!  She has placed a hint of the face of God in the upper right hand corner amongst the storm clouds, although it is a bit hard to see on the computer.  (To enjoy all of Jaime's paintings, scroll to the bottom of my blog and see the "Paintings by Jaime" section.) 
                                                                HIS PROMISE~by Jaime


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