Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Tattered Flag

Proverbs 6:12(MSG)
Riffraff and rascals talk out of both sides of their mouth.

I was walking out of my daughter's school today and I caught this image with my camera.  Isn't it beautiful!?  A crystal clear blue sky.  The flag blowing gently in a crisp cool breeze.  All fifty stars sharply defined.  If you look a little closer though, you see the tattered edges at the top and bottom corners.  I don't know what the flag etiquette is as far as when it has to be retired....hopefully it is ok, but those frayed edges and today's verse got the wheels in my head to turning.  Yeap...turning and turning....  Here's some of what got turned out.

So, a "rascal" is defined in the Webster's Dictionary as~"A mischievous child".  So, if you're a child, I would expect (according to God's word here) for you to talk out of both sides of your mouth.  I'm taking that to mean that a child would say one thing today and maybe the opposite tomorrow.  Makes sense, seeing as they are children and don't have any firm convictions formed yet, to stand on. 

I noticed so many new things today on my drive home.  For instance, while I was backing up my vehicle and pulling away from the education building where my daughter is provided with an outstanding unhindered education, I noticed some boys and girls running freely at play.  They were all dressed differently, because of the freedom to chose their own clothing.  I continued down the parking lot and came to a stop sign, where I had the liberty to choose which way to turn.  I proceeded to head in a direction of my preference, to a destination I decided upon, without encumbrance

As I moved down the road, the car behind me made a decision to take the opportunity to pass me.  (Guess he had a different idea of what 35mph is...chuckle.)  It was such a gorgeous day, that I  spontaneously chose to take a new way home.  Glad I did too, cuz I saw another school with it's flag flowing freely in the breeze and more children running at play in all different directions.....they too were all wearing unique clothing.  Next thing you know, I saw more cars and more people all deciding what direction they wanted to go, independently according to the laws of the road.  I witnessed people out walking, working in their yard, playing with their children, sitting on their decks, and delivering furniture.  All of them were doing their own thing....ceasing the day. 

I pulled up in front of my house, that my husband and I had the privilege of buying, and proceeded into the garage.  I, of course, parked my car and chose to go inside.  Once inside, I looked around at all of the books that I have chosen through the years; all of the food preferences that line my cupboards and refrigerator; all of the varied clothes on the floor (yes...on the floor...laundry time); the newspaper that I request every morning; and finally, the TV that stands in the corner, so that I can chose my own entertainment.  I went over to the remote (passing by the actual TV, cuz who uses the switch on the TV itself anymore?...not me) and turned on the news. 

There they were....standing right in my own living room.  Men, women, boys, girls, military men, military women, rescue workers, and the President of the United States of America, all standing around the flag.  They were each silent.  There was no talking.....just stillness.  There were no "rascals talking out of both sides of their mouths".......only a somber silence while they stood at Ground Zero honoring those who had fallen at the hands of a mad man's direction, nearly a decade ago.  My mind darted back to the flag at our school....a little tattered and worn...but still flying freely.....

Father God,
For those who lost loved ones in this tragedy and feel alone, help them to know they are "safe in Your arms" (click here for video) today.  As for myself, help me to be mindful of my freedoms and never to take them for granted.
In Your precious name~Jesus~

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