Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Hot Seat Of Haughtiness

Proverbs 6:17(MSG)
Eyes that are arrogant, a tongue that lies, hands that murder the innocent,

We've had some beautiful weather the past few days.  Last weekend was one of the first sunny warm days we've had since spring started, so we decided to pack up and head south.  We quickly threw some stuff together and tossed it in the back of the truck.....well...wait a minute...not quickly (that would be a lie).....but as fast as we could muster.  Let's see...there were the books, the shoes, the clothes, a basketball, some food, a few movies, bug spray, a football, the dog, the kitchen sink...errrr...no~not the sink really...just about though!

Finally, we loaded ourselves and buckled up for the quick trip to the old lake cabin.  This little cove where the family cabin sits is an amazing hide out from the business of the day.  It is a deep cove surrounded by groves of trees and lazy grass with "treasure trails."  A "treasure trail" is the term we have assigned to the rocky paths that surround the lake and provide hours of scavenger hunting for shiny rocks and buried archaeological finds; paths to lazily meander down and let the cares of the world melt away.  Sigh.....melting even thinking about it.

So, we are on our way.  It is (as I said) a nice day...perfect temperature with a bright sun shining through the window.  As our trip progressed, I started getting a little hot.  I looked around.  No one else seemed to be hot....except the panting dog...who only pants because she is a little nervous about the car ride.  I remembered that I could adjust the temperature to affect my side only...so, I turned the air down a little bit.  Awe....that's better.  

A few miles later, I started getting hot again.  Hmm....let's see here...yes...I can turn the fan up on my side and blow it into my face.  Nice.  Temp. turned down-fan turned up.  Perfect.  Wow...I can't believe anyone else isn't getting hot?  I look around and find that both kids are busily reading away.  Nope...even the dog is no longer panting and has decided to take a nap.  Must just be me...weird.

We continue winding up hills and down hills...twisting and turning.  Whoa....agggghhhh!!  "It is burning up in here," I shout!  "Aren't you guys hot?!"  I begin rolling down my window and turning the air further down.  Good grief...what is wrong with this picture!!  Why is everyone else just enjoying this trip and relaxing?!  My husband looks at me with a mixture of sadness and fear that I may be on the edge of mental instability. 

It helped to roll down the window.....so I could hang my head out and let the air circulate through my hair like a wild dog.  I did notice something, though, as I had my head dangling from the edge of the glass out the window.  What I noticed were three little red lights within the door panel.  Hmmmm.....I pulled my head back into the truck to see what those little glowing lights were.  Any guesses?  Yep....that's right....the three red lights were the seat heater indicator lights...indicating that the seat heater was on full blast!!  Mystery solved.

Here's the thing when I think about tonight's verse.  (Yesterday's verse said that God hates these seven things~tonight's verse lists three of them.)  I know when I lie.  It's a choice I make...and a bad one at that.  I would know if I murdered someone.  That's another really bad choice.  The catch in this verse for me is....do I know when I'm being arrogant? 

Webster's Dictionary defines arrogance as being haughty, which in turn is to show great pride in oneself.  Do I recognize when I am being full of pride?  Or do I just feel the effects of it?  Like the seat warmer.....I knew I was hot, but didn't know why.  Pride and arrogance are the same way.  I experience the negative effects from them....but don't always identify that the source is from an unduly high opinion of myself.  God hates this.

Praying tonight to always set my eyes upon the Lord for my confidence.  Choosing to exalt Him in all things.  Thanking the Lord tonight for His abundant grace in those times when I falter in this area and chose unwisely.


  1. I figured you were just hot flashing!! Too funny! Great analogy though and so true. It isn't until I have become completely uncomfortable that I suddenly get a clue that it's my arrogance that's causing the problem.

  2. That's what I thought too....but imagine my surprise! I love my seat warmers in the winter though...just need to learn to turn 'em off. I never cease to amaze myself.