Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Proverbs 1:17 (MSG)

Nobody robs a bank with everyone watching.

I suppose they don't.....but I get the feeling we might be finding out that our "bad companions" do...rob a bank with people watching that is.  Why?  Why would they do this?  For attention?  Because they just don't have any common sense?  Greedy?  Hmmmm....

 Wow!!  Several things are flying into my heart here.  First off, could I be "robbing a bank" somewhere in my life with greed as the driving force?  And secondly, is it possible that on top of that ridiculous behavior, I am so out of touch that I am wanting people to notice me for it!  As I have been reading these Proverbs about the people in their sin, I am trying to recognize the sin that might be hidden within my own actions....that I might not even be aware of.  My prayer focus for today is that the Lord would reveal any "bank robbin'~lime light seekin'" activity in my life.  Yes, it is a little bit scarey to ask for this type of revelation, but thankfully our Father is gentle!

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