Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Proverbs 3:31 (ESV)
Do not envy a man of violence and do not choose any of his ways,

The darkness looms heavily outside my window tonight, after reading this verse.  I can hear an owl hooting in the distance, as I reach under my computer and pull out the article that has haunted me since I first read it.  "Officials Find 2,000 Fetuses Hidden at a Bangkok Temple",

read the headline from our local newspaper dating back several months ago.  It has a picture of a few men with gloves on, arranging small individual white bags in tidy rows.  Thai authorities found approximately 2,000 bags on the grounds of a Buddhist temple.  Each one of these bags contained the remains of a fetus.  It was an apparent effort to conceal illegal abortions.  The picture of these tiny sacks with a knot tied at the top, like some trash from yesterday's leftovers, grieves my soul.

The story was found toward the back sections of our newspaper, mixed in with ads for "Solar attic blankets and solar attic fans."  I think we have become desensitized to all of the violence that is going on around us.  This verse makes me sit up and take notice. It reminds me to pray for our country and the countries of the world, to not choose violence!  Praying tonight that God would help me to have a fresh sensitivity for the sanctity of life. 

As for the newspaper article, I will return it to underneath my lap top.  I feel like I should not throw it away.  Maybe that's because these precious lives have already been thrown away once and it is my small way of trying to honor them.  I'm not sure.....

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