Friday, March 25, 2011

Tune Your Ears

Proverbs 4:20 (MSG)
Dear friend, listen well to my words; tune your ears to my voice.

We have an amazing piano in our basement that was given to us by my children's Grandmother.  I find it beautifully fascinating in so many ways.  First, I love to look at it.  It is so full of character!  It has some scratches and dents in the wood, along with faded spots in the stain.  The fact that it is so old makes it weathered looking.  I adore that quality.  I like to think about the small children that probably have bumped their toys up against it as they were growing up. 
Secondly, I love to listen to it being played.  I know this is going to sound a bit odd, but it seems to almost come alive as my daughter passes her sweet fingers over each of the keys.  I don't know how an inanimate object like this could have such an effect on me, but it does. 

Finally, I love to watch the "piano man" tune our special piano.  (That's what I call him...most people call him the "piano tuner".)  As he sits down on the bench with his black bag of tools, he goes to work.  He carefully strikes each key over and over while listening.  Intently he listens as he hits each note and then makes adjustments according to what he hears.  Simply enchanting!!  He patiently goes up and down the keyboard repeating this same methodical practice until the entire piano is tuned to his satisfaction. 

Just when you think his job is done and you are expecting him to pack up for the day, the grand finale begins!  He zips his bag up and sets it on the floor.  Closing his eyes, he begins to play, while intently listening.  I don't think a fire alarm could pull him from his trained ear at that point.  It's as if he wants to be sure that all of the notes that he adjusted are perfectly tuned with one another.  He has flawlessly trained his ears to be in tune to the piano's really incredible.

I want to be like the "piano man", perfectly in tune with my Father's voice as the verse tonight says.  This direction is awesome to me, because it so clearly defines how to become in tune to His voice....and that by listening to His Word.  Praying tonight to continue faithfully in His Word, so that I will easily recognize my Father's voice. 

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