Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Squirrel

Proverbs 4:5 (MSG) Sell everything and buy Wisdom!  Forage for Understanding!  Don't forget one word!  Don't deviate an inch!

I have a foraging friend who lives outside of my office window in a tree beside the sinking pond.  I love watching him as he gathers his food and flits around from tree limb to tree limb.  Sometimes he catches me looking at him.  In those moments, I freeze and he becomes motionless too.  We stare at each other until I end up moving and then off he scurries.  The other day I had my camera out and actually captured one of our encounters.                                      
He's pretty cute for a rodent....don't you think?  Look closely at his cheeks.  Can you see how full they are?  In this picture, he was on his way back to his hole in the tree with a full load of loot to dump into his house.  He intrigues me.  I have studied his behaviors and found him to be very disciplined in his search and storing of food.  He ventures out of his hole in the tree at various times during the day, but evening seems to be his favorite.  When he first comes out into the open, it is obvious that he is scoping out his environment for danger.  His tail flicks this way and that as his eyes scan the horizon.  Once he is sure the coast is clear, he springs into action.  He dives down below the trees and starts digging and stuffing nuggets of nourishment into his cheeks.  After he fills his face, he carefully zig-zags back to his den.  About five minutes later he repeats the whole routine....  digging~stuffing~packing~dumping. 

I started thinking after I read today's verse that my search, understanding, and application of God's truths should be much like the squirrel's habits.  I need to dig deep into His Word to find understanding, much like the squirrel harvests his food.  Once I have found it, I need to pick it all up and pack it away in my heart to allow the Spirit of God to work through my life and bring about His glory.  See-the next time someone says you're acting "squirelly", you can say, "Why thank-you!"
Praying tonight for courage and the Lord's direction to continue steadfastly on His path without "deviating one inch."

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