Monday, March 21, 2011

Trouble Makers

Proverbs 4:16 (MSG)
Evil people are restless unless they're making trouble.

The past few verses have instructed us to completely steer clear of wicked and evil people.   In tonight's verse the wicked people are described as restless trouble makers.  Ironically, we talked about this in our church life group just last night!

The verse we studied last night was different, but the point was the same.When you hang out with "foolish or evil" people, unfortunately you willl get hurt!   Eventually these folks will mess up and when they do, if you are right there with them, you too will suffer the consequences... simply because you are in close proximity with them.  It is sort of like if you stood next to a bomb that was exploding.  You weren't the one who set it off.  You didn't put it there.  But merely because you were standing too close when it was detonated, you will end up with shrapnel in your body! 

It is important to make a conscious decision to remove ourselves from relationships that have the potential to cause us harm.  It can be a very difficult step to take, but one that the Lord will help us with, if we ask.  We are definitely called to be a light in a dark world, so I am not suggesting that we stop the continual reaching out in Christ's love to those around us who don't know those whose behavior is only mimicing their heart.  But, what I am saying, is that according to His word, we should not yolk ourselves to them.

Please help me to be aware of those around me that might cause me or my family harm or trouble.  May I always have Your protection around us and Your guiding hand holding us fast.  AMEN

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