Friday, August 5, 2011

The Rescuer

Psalm 136:11(MSG)
And rescued Israel from Egypt's oppression, His love never quits.

As I was walking along the beach this summer, I came across this area of roped off sand.  It said, "Please do not remove...Sea Turtle Nest".  I learned that the island is  a conservation island and thus their mission is to rescue and protect wildlife.  Apparently, the sea turtles will bury their eggs in shallow nests along the soft area of sand close to the dunes.  If left unprotected, predators will come along and dig them up.  Often times people will unknowingly shove their umbrella poles down into the middle of the nest and damage or kill the eggs as well.  Sounds like they definitely need this protective rescuing action from a caring community!

Do you ever feel like you need ropes around your life?  I sure do!  And the Israelites sure did.  God provides that yellow tape.  He is my mighty rescuer!  Our God  is full of mercy and grace and He pours it into our lives everyday.  I am so thankful for His love that never quits!

Thanking God for His constant love and never ending mercy in my life today.

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