Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review: THE NOTICER by Andy Andrews

The NOTICER by Andy Andrews is an encouraging and thought provoking fiction book about perspective.  You don’t want to miss this read!!

The NOTICER by Andy Andrews centers upon the life of one man who has been given a special gift.  The gift bestowed upon him is the ability to “notice” things that other people dismiss or overlook.  He observes people in their circumstances and is able to give valuable insight as it relates to their specific struggles. 

The back drop for the book is Orange Beach, Alabama, where the author currently resides.  The narration and character development are exceptional.  Nearly every chapter reveals a timely interaction between the main character, “Jones” and his latest “haphazard” meetings with hurting individuals.  The book is filled with fresh tangible wisdom and hope for new beginnings.  The way the author flawlessly transitions from one person’s life and their challenges, to the next is seamless.        

Consider yourself forewarned, however, I had a very difficult time putting this book down, so make sure to have a good chunk of time to feast on this great work, before you start reading it! 

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