Saturday, August 6, 2011

He's Holding Your Hand

Psalm 136:12(MSG)
Took Israel in hand with his powerful hand, His love never quits.

There is certainly something incredibly reassuring about holding hands isn't there?  I can remember from a very young age holding my Daddy's hand and sensing that as long as I had a firm grip on him, nothing could go wrong.  I wouldn't get lost as long as I was connected to him.  No one could hurt me, because I was attached to him and he wouldn't let them!  I would have everything I needed in the way of food and shelter, because he would make sure of that. 

Yeap, I can even remember holding hands with my girl friends when I was younger.  It gave me a strong sense of confidence knowing that I wasn't alone in whatever we were doing or wherever we were going.  Even to this day, I often reach over for my husband's hand when we are together and slide my fingers between his for that feeling of comfort and security. 

This verse has brought a smile to my face....once I recognize that my Father in heaven, although I can't physically feel him or see Him, is holding my hand every step of the way through this life.  What a comfort!

Thank you Lord, for Your hand that powerfully protects and directs my life. 

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