Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Even A Dog Shall Growl Against You

Psalm 136:9(MSG)
The God who struck down the Egyptian firstborn, His love never quits.

This verse speaks of a just God, whom after listening to a king deny release of his children over and over again; after watching those same people be abused and enslaved by this dictator, made a decision to send down the ten plagues to work His plan throughout the land.  That tenth plague, "The Plague Of Death" seemed harsh, but in response to such horrible treatment of His people, it paled in comparison. 


When I read the story behind this verse's reference in Exodus chapter 11, I am reminded  that God does draw lines in the sand.  He will indeed protect those who have called on His Son's name.  Exodus 11:7 (ESV)~But not a dog shall growl against any of the people of Israel, either man or beast, that you may know that the Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel. 

Tonight, while I am listening to the thunder rumble outside and as I catch glimpses of the lightening darting across the sky, I am
reminded of His love for me in that He does hear our cries for help and He will make a distinction between good and evil....because we are His children.

Thank you for a protection that goes beyond anything that we can comprehend in our finite minds.  On first inspection of this verse, I was confused, but after I read further in Your word, the beauty of Your protective loving hand was once again revealed!
In Christ's name,

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