Monday, August 15, 2011

He Will Lead You Right Down The Middle

Psalm 136:14(MSG)
Led Israel right through the middle, His love never quits.

The crackling flames of the fire sent warmth jetting through my entire body as our family sat gathered around the brightly glowing pit.  We watched the luminous moon as it hung highlighted by the stars that danced in the sky over our heads.  We listened intently to the sounds of night.  The water from the lake gently lapped at the edge of the bank making a gentle whooshing sound against the back drop of the Circadian music.  Knowing that summer's end was fast approaching made this evening all the more special.  Suddenly, my daughter, looking off in the distance, pointed towards the dark.  She said she saw something moving and thought it was a dog.  We all strained our eyes to try to focus in the inky blackness that was night. 

Then, slowly, one by one we could see them coming "right down the middle" of the hill heading for the water's edge.  They moved silently...effortlessly across the grass until they met with the cool crisp water.  They stopped and drank before they began what was probably their nightly walk along the gently sloping bank of the lake.  We all sat motionless, understanding that this was a rare treat.  There were three deer that had meandered right in front of us, seemingly in their own little world, on this beautiful night. 

It's such an important part of family life to create memories of closeness.  Times like sharing the simplicity of a quiet hour in front of a warm fire in the middle of a dark night will be engraved forever in our hearts and minds.  It is so like God to show up right in the middle of it all and remind us of just how great and enormously creative and loving He is! 

Thank you for these quiet times that You bless us with.  Help us to to slow down and open our eyes and acknowledge the gifts You have placed before us.  I am so very thankful tonight for my family and the beauty of life.  Thank you for showing up and leading us right through the middle of our toughest battles!  Your love truly NEVER QUITS!

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