Monday, November 28, 2011

I'll Never Be Bankrupt

Psalm 119:11(MSG)
I've banked your promises in the vault of my heart so I won't sin myself bankrupt.

Scurrying around the house putting up the Christmas decorations and taking down the Thanksgiving fan fare, I had nothing on my mind, but completing my task.  (No surprise to those of you that know me well, I'm sure.)  But on my fourth trip through the living room, my mission was interrupted by something on TV.  What had captured my attention and emotion was the sweet voice of a young lady and her brother.  I'm guessing their ages to be about 11 and 15 years old.  I thought I heard her say something like, "'s really not that bad to live on the truck."  Huh?  Live on a truck??!  

Ornament in hand, I walked right over and sat down on the edge of the coffee table to get a clarification on what I thought I had just heard.  Surely that isn't what she said!  As I sat there, perched on the edge of the wood, I realized that this was a news documentary interviewing a family who no longer has the ability to pay their bills.  They are surviving and attempting to provide for their needs the only way they can.  Currently, that means living in this delivery type truck.  They have been declared bankrupt.  

This sweet angelic voice went on to say that she had grown accustomed to this way of life and felt sad for those who are living on the street and don't have any shelter at all!!  She and her brother are continuing their education and she is determined to become a child defense lawyer so that she can help kids that don't have the ability to help themselves.  Her sadness was not for herself, as she described seeing other teens reacting poorly to their parents in disrespect.  She described watching those teens in their arrogant behavior and feeling very frustrated with them.  She said they should be appreciating all that they have been given and the privilege of having a home and loving parents!  Wow....

When the story was finished, I stood up and looked down at the ornament I had in my hand and the other forty bazillion (is that a word...nope just looked it's not in Webster's) in the box waiting to hang from my tree with lights "all aglow" and I suddenly remembered the truth of Christmas!

Webster's Dictionary defines bankrupt as:  a person legally declared unable to pay debts.  That's me...without Him.  Unable to pay my sin matter how "good" I try to act or be....just can't do it on my own.  Thankfully, as I found in my Bible reading this morning, I can bank this promise:
There is hope in His Word.
1 John 2:12-13(MSG)
I remind you, my dear children:  Your sins are forgiven in Jesus' name. 
1 John 2:14
Your fellowship with God enables you to gain a victory over the Evil One

Yes, this brief story from a financially hurting family brought it all back to plumb for me.  No more frenetic activity for me this season.  I am purposing to focus on the promise that I will never be bankrupt in Christ! 

Thank you for this sweet family and their humble spirit to share their painful story.  May you bless them financially and spiritually with Your presence today.  As for myself, continue to open my eyes and ears to the tangible ways through which I can share who You really are.
If you would like to watch this documentary you can click here .  (It is found at CBS 60 minutes Season 44~ Episode 10.)

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