Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Get Trapped

Ecclesiastes: 2:11(MSG)
Then I took a good look at everything I'd done, looked at all the sweat and hard work.  But when I looked, I saw nothing but smoke.  Smoke and spitting into the wind.  There was nothing to any of it.  Nothing.

The thing about taking a detour is that it allows you to see things that you wouldn't have seen if you had stayed on the usual route.  In addition the bypass will take you around an obstacle and deliver you to where you were wanting to go.  Now, having said that, I am definitely going back to Psalm 119, but before I return, I saw something this morning in my time in the Word, that I wanted to share.  It came from the book of Ecclesiastes.  It is understood that the writer of this book was King Solomon, the wisest ruler in the land.  It was penned toward the later part of his life.  In the past when I would finish reading this book, I would always feel a bit depressed.  Sort of like....well what's the point of life....we live and then we die, right?

Today, my eyes were open in a whole new way.  Perhaps because of the post from two days ago or maybe because I am getting older and realizing that seasons come and seasons go, but as I began to read through this book, I finally understood what the writer is saying.  His huge point.....without God as the center of your life.... we may as well just spit into the wind! That uncomfortable void we all feel at some point in our life will NEVER be filled by anything or anyone but God!  The book of Ecclesiastes uncovers the basic premise that we need God revealed to us through His Son.  Once we have that revelation, all other meaningless, arrogant, and ignorant pursuits will be exposed and our energies can be spent on what matters to the one true King!  The book ends with these words:

Ecclesiastes 12:11-14 (MSG) 
The words of the wise prod us to live well.  They're like nails hammered home, holding life together.  They are given by God, the one Shepherd.  But regarding anything beyond this, dear friend, go easy.  There's no end to the publishing of books, and constant study wears you out so you're no good for anything else.

The last and final word is this:  Fear God.  Do what He tells you.

And that's it.  Eventually God will bring everything that we do out into the open and judge it according to its hidden intent, whether it's good or evil.

Yeap.... I so often view detours in my life as an inconvenience or a time of unplanned chaos....but every time I have had a literal detour on the road or a figurative detour in my life, I always see or learn something new.  I think I will start viewing detours from a different perspective from now on.  I sure don't want to spend the rest of my existence down here being tossed about in the wind and ending up entangled in the trappings of this world like this kite.  I am going to try to apply a little of this in my life today.  What else do you want me to see today, Lord? 

Help me to follow all of Your detour signs today and teach me to be aware of what is going on around me from Your angle....not mine.
In Your Name~Jesus,

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