Friday, November 25, 2011

Single Minded

Psalm 119:10(MSG)
I'm single-minded in pursuit of You:  Don't let me miss the road signs you've posted.

Having just returned from a four hundred mile road trip, I can really appreciate this verse tonight.  Driving without road signs would be pretty dangerous!!  Not only dangerous, but a real time waster and major disappointment if after purposing to arrive at a destination, you never manage to get there! 

I've been looking at this picture of the water that I took recently on one of my hikes in the woods.  The water is channelled between the banks making twists and turns and careening over rocks.  Some areas of the river are quiet and smooth, while other areas bubble with life and beauty.  Further still are those places where the water crashes into the rocks and falls harshly to the stones below. 

The river is so much like our life.  I know I have said it before in this forum, but it is worth mentioning again.  This verse is another gentle reminder that  I need to check my course frequently.  Am remaining on the path that I chartered when I set out on this journey?  Am I single minded in pursuit of God....or have drifted off course?

Thank you for giving me road signs through Your Word to guide me on the pursuit of You.  May I stay true to the passions of Your heart.  Thank you for Your loving hand to carry me through the rapids of life.  Bless those tonight who are struggling with life and searching for direction.  May they find You and the good news that You hold for each one of us!
In Jesus Name,

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