Friday, December 2, 2011

Hello? Do You See Me?

Psalm 119:12(MSG)
Be blessed, God;  train me in Your ways of wise living.

Am I invisible?  Can you see me?  Can you hear me?  Am I insignificant to you?  I'm wondering if you have recently asked yourself any of these questions when you were hanging out with someone who picked up their hand held electronic device and started tapping away on it?  I have.

Today's verse asking God to train us in His ways of "wise living" has thrown my brain into overdrive.  I listened last week, as an elderly couple told me that it is a good thing they don't have much time left here on earth because they don't feel very relevant anymore. It is heartbreaking to hear that, especially when the Bible tells us that we are to learn from the experience of older Christ followers.  What are we doing as a culture to give this kind of a message?

I cringe as an intelligent woman tells me that her break time is no longer filled with conversations between coworkers sharing their lives, but instead is spent with everyone sitting silently playing electronic games on their phones or scrolling through their e-mails.  Yikes, maybe that's what we are doing wrong!!  The Bible is very clear that we are to encourage one another and lift one another up.  How are we to do that if we aren't interacting with each other when we are together? 

I am not down on the electronic world, obviously, as I type away on my web blog, but shouldn't we be present, mind and spirit, when we are physically with people?  Aren't we missing opportunities of learning, teaching, uplifting and love when our face is stuck in a hand held machine while we are standing right next to a real live person?!!  Aren't we communicating to those around us that they are not worthy of our undivided attention when we pull out our phones and start reviewing data or texting someone else while we are in their company?  Again, I am a huge fan of the cell phone, so I am standing in conviction as I write this....well actually, I'm sitting...but you know what I mean.     

Have you experienced this feeling of smallness when someone is busily typing away on their tiny device while you are standing right next to them?  I want to hear your thoughts.  Am I alone in this?

I want to be a blessing to others by applying the wise training that You have given to me in Your Word.  I also never want to miss an opportunity to learn from one of Your children.  You are the Master of wisdom and I want to be an encouragement and light in the places that You lead me.  Please help me today to more aware of my "real life" opportunities.
Thank you for Your patience with me,

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