Monday, December 19, 2011

Pondering Wisdom

Psalm 119:15(MSG)
I ponder every morsel of wisdom from You, I attentively watch how You've done it.

I enjoyed watching this Ibis catch fish at the beach.
I do love to ponder!  Webster's Dictionary defines ponder as:  to think deeply (about); to consider carefully.  I love to attempt to see into the meaning of everything.  I don't always figure things out correctly, but I love tryin'! 

As is the case with most of our character traits, however, there is an up side and a down side to them.  The down side to the "perpetual ponderer" is that this activity often leads to over thinking things, which can then lead to what I like to call, "Analysis-Paralysis".  A sort of frozen state, if you will, that keeps you from moving in any direction.  Not forward. Not backward.  Not side to side.  Just plain stuck.

But, the up side to this evaluation trait is that once we have really thought through an idea, we feel quite satisfied with every angle of what we've learned.  Generally speaking, ponderers will not be caught off guard.  So, tonight's verse reminds me that, it is definitely a good thing to ponder the Word of God.  To read it; study it; memorize it; pray it; and then apply it!  

Your Word is so refreshing.  It speaks life into my very being!  It brings strength when I am weak.  It builds courage when I am fearful.  It brings direction when I am lost.  It surrounds me with comfort when I am lonely.  Every verse has purpose and power!  Thank you for the gift of Your Word.

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