Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting To The Top Of The Hill

Psalm 119:13(MSG)
I'll transfer to my lips all the counsel that comes from Your mouth;
I woke up in the usual way.  As I was rushing around from task to task before we scurried out the door to head for school, I heard my husband say something about needing to leave early because the radio was reporting slick roads.  Huh?  There wasn't snow in the forecast?  I was precisely on my usual time schedule with no buffer minutes factored in.  Uh-oh.

Shutting the car door behind me, I backed slowly out of the garage to find that there was indeed a slight snow and ice covering over the pavement.  No problem, I thought, this is not too bad.  I made quick time as I wove around the neighborhood curves and came to the stop sign that leads to the main road.  Slowly approaching the intersection, I could see cars stopped from both ways and basically parked on the road.  As I ventured the nose of my car a bit further to the edge of the corner, I was able to see what was happening. 

The main road is similar to a roller coaster as it moves up and down steep grades in both directions.  I watched as cars would attempt to go up the hill and get stuck in the middle.  They would then slowly back down and try again.  One by one, the cars would attempt to climb the hill.  Some were making it, but some were not.  Those that were unable to conquer the task remained trapped in the valley with no hope of escape.  You can only imagine the tangled, congested mess that ensued, as cars, trucks, and even buses became prisoners to the icy hills. 

Before it was all over, there ended up being two buses and numerous cars that had to be towed up the hills by fire trucks.  My daughter and I successfully made it to school, but we were two and half hours late!  The whole thing got me to thinking.  Here's what I thought.  Our lives are like those cars that got stuck.  A significant amount of time we find ourselves paralyzed at the bottom of monstrously large, slippery slopes.  We try to get up on our own,  but  our attempts are futile.  We get completely immobilized.  We spin our wheels, run off the road, and sometimes even crash before we ask for the "fire truck" to come and rescue us. 

My daughter "riding up the hill" on a local nature trail.
Why do I do that?  Why, when I have the complete counsel of God in my hands and readily available to speak from my lips, would I ever try to travel without Him?  I can choose to cling to Him and use my lips to rehearse His promises when I am in the valley, or I can keep my mouth quiet and miss His amazing grace working in my situation.  The choice is entirely mine to make. 

Thank you for Your continued Word of counsel that provides a firm hold for me when I am crawling in the valley and barely able to stand up.  Help me to respond to the trials that I encounter  with the light of Your wisdom and grace.  Lord, let me honor You in my darkest times with genuine praise to the King of Kings!  I am asking You tonight to carry those that are in the midst of a trial and deliver them safely to the top of the hill.  Place Your Word on our lips and let us glorify Your name from the highest of heights!
In Jesus Name,

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