Sunday, October 9, 2011

River Revelation

Psalm 119:1(MSG)
You're blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. 

Discovering the wonder of God's Word, verse by verse, has led me to this amazing chapter in the book of Psalms.  Rather than return to Proverbs right now, I have decided to remain in the book of Psalms and soak up the incredible golden nuggets of truth found in Psalm 119!  I will be here for at least half a year....if I post daily....seeing as there is 176 verses in this one book alone!!  I know that I am going to completely enjoy lingering over every word.

Today's verse is so powerful!  I certainly long to have God's blessing upon my life and that of my family.  Here in this one simple sentence, I get the blueprint for how to get it.  I just need to stay on the course God has placed me on. 

How do you know what that road is?  I'm certain that the road He places me on, will contain opportunities to be feeding His sheep, so I can automatically assume that if there is no feeding going on, it's not His chosen path.  The way to get started down the right highway, according to our Pastor's  timely message this morning, is to walk through the open doors that God has placed in front of you.  Get involved in what you know God is a part of.  Is your neighbor needing their driveway shoveled?  There's an open door.  Is the church needing help in the kids area?  There's an open door.  Is there a clothes drive this weekend?  Another open door.  As He "reveals our road" and we continue to walk on it, we are blessed beyond anything we could possibly imagine!  

I love to paddle the kayak on flat water.  It doesn't matter where you put in at, you will eventually move down stream to your destination.  Your main job is to keep the boat in the water.  I suppose our path with God is a lot like that flat water paddle trip.  If I will make certain that I am on His road, then He will move me from one opportunity to the next, gently blessing me through His spirit every step of the way.

Honestly, I think I waste a lot of time looking for the "perfect" river to float!  Please help me to simply get my boat in the river and allow You to do the work of moving and directing my vessel wherever You see fit!  Thank You tonight for the truth of Your word and the confidence that it gives!


  1. so really today you are asking God to help you 'float your boat'