Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fill Your Prescription

Psalm 119:4(MSG)
You, God, prescribed the right way to live;  now you expect us to live it.

How exciting this week is for me!  The reason behind the joy, is due to the fact that this week is the one year anniversary of this blog!  Hard to believe that I have been writing each week for a year now.  I have thoroughly loved every minute of it.  As I look at the list of countries who have visited this site, I get overwhelmed at the privilege of modern technology.  It thrills my soul to think that the Word of God is being shared in places that I didn't even know existed!

I have completely enjoyed your visits and many of your encouraging words throughout the course of this past year.  Today's verse spurs me on in my endeavor to keep Him first in all things, as it states a clear expectation from God to "live in the right way" as prescribed by Him!

Each one of us has been divinely created for a very specific purpose.  That purpose is to "feed His sheep" and bring Him glory!  We must always remember that He has gifted each one of us with a unique ability to passionately pursue what He has specifically placed within our hearts.  Our job is to find that God given passion and then, as the verse says, "Live it!"  What a big God we serve.

Help each one of us today to realize the gift You have placed within us and to courageously press in to You, so that we can utilize that gift in a manner that is fitting for Your glory.  In that place of residing in You, we will most assuredly find our direction and a completion of Your prescription for our life!
Praising Your name today Jesus,

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