Sunday, October 2, 2011

Keepin' The Rhythm Of The Boot

 Psalm 136:24(MSG)
Rescued us from the trampling boot; His love never quits.

Keeping The Rhythm

Have you ever kept time to the music by tapping your boot?  I have.  In fact I inwardly nod my head or tap my hand on the side of my leg....or tap my toe to a song when I hear it.  It's pretty fun actually.  Well, this past week, I volunteered for the cool assignment to help a few children with their percussion solo for an upcoming presentation that will be given for our community.  My job is to direct their part and keep them from speeding up, or slowing down, or becoming confused with the other parts.  Sounds easy enough I thought to myself.  Yeap...I can do this...let's go.

In addition to their part, there are four other percussion parts and the choir singing four different harmonies with varied words and hand motions.  Sort of a "Row-Row-Row Your Boat" on steroids.  Are you getting the picture?  Ok, we're at the first practice and the first part comes in....then it's our turn and then each part is added consecutively to that.  I concentrated single mindedly on our part for the first few measures.  We were doing great...until, that is, the other eight parts all began their additions.  Suddenly, our "easy" part became more challenging.  As I listened to all the different melodies and flowing rhythm, my mind began to drift and float around with all of the sounds.  Before I knew what was happening, my brain had picked up the part next to me and I found my hands were completely joining in with their beat!  What?!  How in the world did I mess up this easy assignment?  I quickly recalibrated to our three beat rhythm and got us back on task, but there was a valuable lesson hidden just under the vibration of the drums.

Here's what I was thinking on the drive home.  My walk with the Lord is so much like that "small part" in the program we were practicing for today.  As I was concentrating and really focusing on our portion, I was able to keep on track.  However, when I started listening to the other instruments and looking around at all the kids singing and doing their motions, I quickly lost my rhythm. 

This experience is closely paralleled to what I have noticed in my walk with God over the years.  The times when I have found myself wandering around feeling distant from Him and somewhat out of step with His voice are the times when I have lost my focus on Him.  When I have unintentionally shifted my direction and priority on something other than Him, I quickly become out of step with the plan He has for my life.  It can happen so quickly too.  One day, I am firmly planted in His foot steps marching toward the sound of His voice alone.  The next day, I'm tripping and getting dangerously close to being "trampled by the boot"! 

So, here is the truly astounding part about this reflection.  Because His love never quits on me, He doesn't allow me to be trampled by that boot.  When I get out of step, in His great love for me, He scoops me up and holds my face in His hands, looking directly into my eyes, until I regain my eye contact with Him.  Awe.......what a relief to know that He loves me so much, I'm never out of His reach!!  That big boot that is stomping around is not going to squish me.....not today....not ever........!  Why not?  Cuz, His love never quits!!

How do I stay in beat with my Savior, so I won't even trip?  By allowing no other "gods" to distract me from a completely devoted focus on Him.  (Just finished that Bible study a few weeks ago by the way.  If you are looking for a good one to do alone or with a group, check out No Other Gods by Kelly Minter.  It's a faith clarifier for sure!  Now it's on to Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst.  I'll keep you 'posted'....ha..I love saying that.)   

Thank You for the great love you have for me!  Teach me to listen to You and to walk in step to Your voice this week.  Keep my mind clear and alert for anything or anyone that might distract me from Your mission!  

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