Monday, January 2, 2012

Stick To The List

Psalm 119:18(MSG)
Open my eyes so that I can see what You show me of your miracle-wonders. 

My daughter training the stray cat she found.
Open my eyes!!  That is a little humorous to me right now.  Let me explain.  I started the day off right on track for my New Year's resolution list.  Up and at 'em early. 

Bible reading and prayer~check.
Quick run on the treadmill~check.
Finish helping my son pack for his return to school~check.
Slam my foot into the large (unmoving) wait a minute...that wasn't on my list!!

Yes, I rammed my entire foot right into the stool that props our feet up every night.  My eyes  really were open, but my depth perception was extremely off apparently.  Dropping to the floor in agonizing pain, I knew it was a pretty good hit.  I didn't want to look at the damage.  I heard a strange popping sound as the toe made contact with the wood.  Oh dear. 

Well, suffice it to say, that my toe is facing a direction that it doesn't normally face.  I find myself sitting with my foot  propped up and ice strapped to my foot.  Sure enough, it is broken and displaced, so off I will crutch to the foot doctor (hopefully tomorrow), for him to decide if a pin is necessary to pull the bone back in place.  Heavy sigh. 

This toe incident was NOT on the list of things to accomplish in the New Year.  As I try to interject a little humor into this unplanned event, I want to give some important advice for your New Year.  Ready??  Here it comes!  Stick to the list!!  Do not waiver from it. 

However, on a more serious note, as the verse says tonight, if our eyes are open, God will show us His beauty and an abundance of His wonder working grace!  I can't wait to watch what tremendously glorious things He will do this year!!

Thank you for revealing Your awesome power to us.  Please sharpen our awareness of Your Spirit in our surroundings every day.


  1. Ouch!! Hadn't heard about this. Blame your husband for moving the stool, even if he didn't. It might get a little sympathy!

  2. A good idea...except I am the one who always moves the furniture and forgets to warn him!! It's worth a try though~thanks!!