Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Obedient Response

Psalm 119:34(MSG)
Give me insight so I can do what You tell me--
my whole life one long, obedient response.

They came in slowly.  As the sun shown bright across the sparkling clean floor, they trickled in one by one.  Some were walking easily without assistance, while others steadied themselves on the cold silver metal that rolled carefully in front of them.  There were also those who rode in on their scooters, navigating smoothly between tables and chairs to find their spot in the crowd.  Entering last were the more frail among them.  The victims of time and previous injury who now found themselves prisoners to the chairs with moving wheels.  Their escorts propelled them into the gaps and spaces that were left, so they could enjoy, if only for these few brief moments, a distraction from their daily routine. 

I stood quietly in the back watching the scene unfold.  After the room was filled to near capacity, in they walked.  In stark contrast to the previous entrants, they each walked with a quick and light step dressed in brilliant white collared shirts and smiles big enough to light up an entire stadium.  They unpacked their gear and quickly set up there props.  There was a confidence on each of their faces that was visible even from my vantage point quite a distance away. 

The band began to play the National Anthem.  One by one I watched these veterans stand.  Some of them were up within the first few notes, while others took nearly the entire song to rise, but those who were even remotely able to do it, stood and placed their hand over their heart.  It took my breath away to realize that these men had made a decision many years ago to serve their God and country with such allegiance that they would die for it and for one another if necessary.  The very sacrifices of these men were what had allowed me the freedom to travel to this place today and watch my son perform with his school's choir. 
Unable to stand, this gentleman tipped his hat.

I swallowed hard as I could feel the lump welling up within my throat.  I glanced over at my own father who had made the trip with me.  He, being a veteran of two wars himself, stood tall as the song continued.  I wondered how much my Dad had to give up throughout his lifetime to serve his country.  Each of these men gave an obedient response to a call.

Someone recently told me that we can learn a lot from history.  They said that history repeats itself and we are wise when we look back and gain insight from what has happened in the past, so that we don't repeat those mistakes in the future.  We have so much we can learn from these beautiful people that have a few more years of experience than we do.

I was honored and privileged to visit this Veteran's Home today.  As I left, I recognized that the building contains precious lives that have already spent most of their time in obedient service to their country and fellow men.  What a great legacy of love they will leave for us.

Thank you for the gift of allowing me to visit the Veteran's Home today.  Continue to keep Your watchful eye  upon each person who lives there.  Grant each of us insight into Your plan for our life and pour out Your Spirit on us so that we can obediently respond to You our whole life!
In Christ's Name,

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