Thursday, April 5, 2012

The FREE Way

Psalm 119:35(MSG)
Guide me down the road of your commandments;  I love traveling this freeway!

Have you ever been in a hurry?  I mean a real hurry?  The kind where you're driving home and you decide to take a short cut because you just really want to get home.  I did this the other day.  I didn't have any particular reason to be in such a rush.  I was just ready to be home.  Plain and simple.

I quickly thought, "Hey, I never go this way; I think I'll try it and see if it's faster".  I wound all over the city zig~zagging and flying around corners (within the speed limit of course).  I was definitely taking the short cut....sneaking around traffic and averting several traffic lights.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  (Enter the verse about "pride cometh before a fall"  As I approached the last curve and made the turn, I saw orange fences in the road.  Huh?  No way!!  The sign in front of the barricade read in bold letters:  ROAD CLOSED.  Where were the warning signs?  Why didn't they tell me I was headed down a closed road?! 

You probably saw that coming didn't you?  Well, I didn't!  I had to come to a complete stop and turn that flying machine around.  Not only did I have to completely back track, but I had to return to the path I was on.  The usual path...the one with stop lights...traffic...the same scenery.  Ugh....  And to top it off, I was now obviously into my trip for twice the time that I would have been if I would have just stayed on track!

Reading this verse today reminds me of the road I'm on with Christ.  It's quite literally the "FREE way".  While it is true that I have to frequently fight my flesh to stay tuned into His Voice, He is always standing by with words of wisdom and direction to help me arrive at my destination.  He is that gentle voice in chaos that says, "I'm right here.  I haven't let you down in the past and I don't intend to drop you now."  He is that reassuring whisper that tells me to move when I become paralyzed.  He is that compassionate voice that says, "Reach out and help that person.  Don't be afraid."  He is that patient song that plays in myhead and allows me to display grace and mercy instead of retaliation when I've been wronged. 

Yes, Christ is guiding me every day down the road of an abundant life in Him.  It is truly the a wonderful and free way!! 

When I think back to this day eighteen years ago and the birth of our son, I realize Your hand of grace in the delivery of this precious child into our family.  Your loving voice and steady words were our direction then and they remain our direction now.  Thank you for the blessing of his birth and life!  At his young age, he has already been a gift in so many ways.  It is my prayer that you will continue to illuminate our path and give us a sensitivity to Your Spirit that will enable us to bring You glory all the days of our lives!
In the Mighty name of Jesus,

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