Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My New Plant

My "Upside Down Plant"
Psalm 119:36(MSG)
Give me a bent for Your words of wisdom, and not for piling up loot.

Reading the word "bent" this morning reminded me of this phenomenal new plant I just found!  Take a look at the flower.  If you are a gardener then you probably already recognize this species as a Cyclamen Persicum, but I being a novice to the plant world, had to look up it's name.  It has to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time!  I hope you can tell from this picture what it's doing, but if not, then I'll tell you.  It's basically growing upside down.  The flowering portion of the plant is bent to the earth instead of up to the sun.  It's pedals open upward, but the center stays pointing down.  Completely incredible!!

I am observing it to see if bees are interested in it, because they would have to literally fly upside down to get any pollen from it.  Wouldn't that be a funny sight to behold!  Anyway, what is even more fantastic about this plant, is that even though it is upside down, once it blooms, it's pedals still grow toward the light.

There are a few conclusions I have drawn after thinking about my beautiful new plant today.  First of all, this plant that sits on my front porch, where I see it constantly on my coming and going, reminds me that God creates all of His creation so uniquely beautiful.  When I look at it, I'm also reminded that this plant that is so different in it's upside down way is still functioning quite well as a flower.  Maybe looking different is kind of special.  Perhaps I don't want to waste my time trying to look like everybody else. 

This flowering plant and today's verse also remind me that no matter what direction I find myself facing, I will always need to turn to the light of His Words and wisdom to get my nourishment and strength to carry out His plan for me.  The plant is facing down, but it's pedals are raising up to the sun.  It's not much different with me.  I'm surrounded by "loot"....or the material distractions of this world, but "my pedals" or, in this case my heart, needs to remain turned to the Son of God for my light.

You are a creative God!  Thank you for a simple flowering plant to remind me of Your creativity.  Help me to remain turned to Your words and to put them into practice every day this week!
In the creative name of Christ,

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