Thursday, September 15, 2011


Psalm 136:23(MSG)
God remembered us when we were down.  His love never quits.

I love dogs!!  Everything about them brings a smile to my face.  Their loyalty.  Their happiness.  Their energy.  You name it and I love it!  (Ok....I know what you're thinking now...and well..I guess I love almost everything about them.)  I own two healthy and beautifully tempered canines.  They happen to both be females, so they have earned the name "The Girls".

"The Girls" have a routine they embark (pun intended...ha) upon every night.  It begins right before bed when they proceed downstairs to speed out the back door for their last midnight run.  It's at this point in the night that they run "full on" down the hill and into the darkness racing to the back fence in a flurry of flying hair.  It is such a treat to watch this ritual.  I usually let them cruise around out there for up to an hour while we finish up whatever we have started inside and begin our final bedtime preparations.  Last night was no exception to our rule.  As I opened the door, they tore off into the night as usual.  I went off about my business.

What I discovered on my return trip was sad indeed!  I opened the back door as usual and my nose could not have prepared me for what it encountered!!  Thousands of tiny molecules hit me square in the face......and my brain took no time in identifying the obnoxiously dreaded skunk smell!!!   Oh noooooo....not again!! 

I snapped this pic one day last year...he must have a home nearby.
This happened to us almost one year ago to the date.  As I looked down, my poor little "girls" were foaming at the mouth and the youngest was partially blind...stumbling all over the deck.  There is not one ounce of funniness in this.  In fact, the skunk's spray is oil based and actually creates blindness for a period of time if it enters the eye.  If that isn't enough to make them miserable, the horrific smell can linger for up to a complete year.  Yikes!

I ran inside to fetch the "skunk" wash, which is "supposed" to strip the oil off their hair.  (Did I mention that this happened last year?)  Here is what I know about this.  If your dog sheds, then he/she will have a much happier time after his skunking, because his coat also sheds the oil quickly. The nasty stuff just sort of rolls off of their back.  If your dog does not shed, like my youngest one, then the spray is absorbed like a sponge being dipped into water!  The only thing that will help the poor victim is to shave them as short as possible and begin the daily baths with Dawn liquid dish soap.  Very traumatic event for all parties involved.

So, off I went this morning with my stinky little fur ball, escorting her to the precious groomer named Jessica, who willingly agreed to receive her for her haircut, detoxification and purification regime.  (She is the sweetest lady to receive her with no appointment scheduled and a sympathetic face!  Thank you, Jessica...if you're reading this.)  Gloves on, mind you, cuz last time I wore no gloves and it stayed on my hands for about two months...even after scrubbing with lye soap!  Scary! 

As I'm driving, I'm thinking about the smell...obviously quite strong now that the two of us are alone in my small vehicle.  The stench is circling around and around the car like a strong kerosene.  And then it hits not another car thankfully....a thought!  The thought comes to my mind that this must be how much we stink when we are covered in the sins of our flesh.  The fumes linger and are so powerful that they can be detected a mile a way, but God still loves us.  He probably has to cover His nose, but He still loves us enough to scoop us up and take care of us.  The Lord gently washes us with His holiness until the smell is no longer there.  When we're at our worst, He comes in and rescues us from our debilitating messes.  Phew!!  Thank goodness for a God who has love for me that "never quits"!  

I currently understand, to a much greater degree, the old expression that says, "We got skunked!!"  It means we had "zero" and the other team beat us really bad!!  And guess what?  That really does stink!  (Quite literally in this particular story.)  But fear not!!  "God remembers you when you are down"! 

1John 1:9 (NIV)If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.
Awe Lord,
You are so amazing in my life.  You are becoming larger with each passing day.  Thank you for the blessing of transparency and the gift of friendship.  Thank you that even though we stink sometimes, You are willing to reach down, scoop us up, and take us to the groomer for a gentle cleansing.

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