Monday, September 5, 2011

Famous Kings

Psalm 136:18(MSG)
Struck down the famous kings, His love never quits.

I've met a lot of "kings" in my day.  Well, not really kings, so much as people placed in positions of authority over me.  Here's what is interesting to me about these "kings" or modern day terminology would be "bosses".  Some are easy to work for and to communicate with and some are not.  You know what I mean.  Some people are so open to listening and so good at facilitating communication that I look forward to being around them.  I tend to anticipate when I will get to see them again.  When I am working for them, it is easy to give them the very best that I have to offer.  (Recognizing that I should give ALL of my best to every boss...of course...because I am working as unto the Lord, but I am getting side tracked.....)
And then....there are those that I quietly wonder how they got into the position they currently hold.  They certainly deserve my respect, due to their status, but perhaps, they haven't exactly "won me over" with their "people skills". Thinking about kings in this way, makes me recognize the important character quality of warmth and openness when dealing with people. 

This verse tells me that God does strike down kings.  He allows certain reigns and interrupts others as He sees fit.  His driving force for this allowance is His amazing love for us!  It certainly makes me take a second look at those in authority over me.

Thank you Lord, for the love and guidance that You are providing in my life.  Please give those "kings" in authority over our country wisdom and direction to make sound decisions as they maneuver through the turbulent waters of these times.


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