Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Review: Stumbling Into Grace: Confessions of a Sometimes Spriritually Clumsy Woman by Lisa Harper

Stumbling Into Grace: Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman by Lisa Harper was a wonderful book!  You don’t want to miss what she has to say about the subject of grace.

Stumbling Into Grace:  Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman by Lisa Harper is a beautifully written book organized into very easy to digest chapters.  At many points throughout the book, I found myself laughing so hard that I was almost in tears!  Her writing is so eloquently transparent that you feel as though you have known her for years.  Her frankness and head on style are a breath of fresh air. 

The book dives deeply into spiritual principles without the weighty and sometimes confusing terminology that often accompanies subject matters like this.  Lisa has a Masters of Theological Studies and it is obvious as she applies the Word of God chapter by chapter.   She delivers some much needed straight talk about the graciousness and truths of God.  Upon investigation of her Bible references, one can only conclude that there is truly nothing we can do in our own strength to earn our way into the presence of God.  It is a gift.

This book is filled with wonderful authenticity about the obstacles we often find ourselves trying to hurdle over.  The author expounds that as we fall back on the Lord, He will give us what we need.  Each chapter concludes with a prayer, reflection questions, and a challenge to further your pondering with a journal entry directive.  The book is systematically designed to be used in in a small group study or as an intimate heart search between the reader and the Lord.  Either way, the experience will leave you stronger for having walked with her through the pages of her life and His Word.  I highly recommend reading this book!  It is one that I would like to discuss, one chapter at a time, with a small group of sweet friends around a warm crackling fire and a hot cup of coffee.  Enjoy!

I would like to thank Thomas Nelson Publishing Company through BookSneeze for providing me with this review copy of Stumbling Into Grace by Lisa Harper. The opinions I have expressed within this review are completely my own.

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