Tuesday, July 26, 2011

His Love Never Quits

Psalm 136:1(MSG)
Thank God!  He deserves your thanks.  His love never quits.

Psalm 136 has found it's way into my heart and life right now, as I search for His strength to carry me through a new and challenging season in my life.  In every verse of this chapter, I am told that "His love never quits!"  In the NIV and ESV, it is "His love endures forever!"  The chapter reads like a love letter listing item by item ways that the Lord God has shown His love to His people.....seriously fascinating. 

As we continue our Bible study by Kelly Minter titled No Other Gods, I am reminded that one of the things we are constantly searching for in our lives is love and acceptance.  That sense of complete fulfillment can only come from God our Father.  If we purpose to look to someone or something to fill that void, it will only end in disappointment and possibly disaster, because we set up an idolatry scenario with this action.   

I am serving a God who truly does deserve all of my thanks!  I am worshipping the real God who offers me true love that NEVER QUITS!  Now that is something to be thankful for indeed!!  I am choosing to live in an attitude of gratitude toward the one who gives me life.  Over the next twenty~six days (verses), I will be reminded of all the different ways He has shown me His unfailing love!

You truly are worthy of my thankful heart and words of unending praise.  Open my eyes to Your presence and love in my day today and help me to share that love with others.

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  1. Aren't you so thankful for that promise from God? I try to remind myself that when it seems that I am not hearing from God, it is me who has distanced myself. God is always there, waiting to hear from me! Amazing love.