Sunday, July 17, 2011


Psalm 139:23(NIV)
Search me, O God, and know my heart;  test me and know my anxious thoughts.

Anxious thoughts.  I wish I could say I never have them, but unfortunately I do at times.  It is also true that if I don't purpose in those moments/hours/sometimes seasons, to give those swirling words in my head to the Lord, they take over and I am bombarded with worry.  I don't like admitting that.  I feel somehow less Godly to confess that I have hours....sometimes days filled with dread. 

It has always been this way.  Sometimes it is obvious that the source is from external situations and circumstances of which I have little control.  At other times, however, there may be no apparent reason for this unsettling apprehension.  When I can't pinpoint the cause of fear, it becomes even more frustrating to me.  When I do know the source of my stress, I tend to spend a great deal of time begging the Lord to lift the yoke or change my situation, but there are times when it remains.  Reading this verse tonight causes me to stop and wonder if the origin of my challenging seasons could sometimes be some sort of a test from the Lord.  There is definitely story after story throughout the Bible wherein the Lord tested people....hmmm.......

I guess the bigger question should be, "Would my anxiety level dissipate if I knew that it was the Lord testing me?"  Would I somehow be able to quell my fear with the knowledge that I am being scrutinized by Him?  Or, would the reverse be true and that knowledge would actually serve to make my anxious state worse?  And finally, is it possible to will myself out of the state of apprehension that I am wallowing in, no matter what the cause of it? 

No, I am certain this mere enlightenment would not change a thing within my troubled state.  To know the reason for experiencing a tornado doesn't change the damage that will be incurred from it.  You can understand every aspect of why a tornado is occurring, but it won't make it stop or go away.  The only course of action is to survive the storm by taking shelter!

How do I sustain my joyful spirit during these periods of crushing anxiety and storms of uncertainty?  The answer is found in the book that lies in front of me on my desk.  Yeap....the Bible.  Speaking His promises will change my anxious thoughts and  serve as a refuge in the hours of doubt and fear.  Will He remove the circumstances that are creating my anxiety?  Maybe and maybe not.  Will He nourish me and be with me in the midst of it?  Absolutely and unequivocally YES!! 

In her study entitled:  No Other Gods by Kelly Minter, she provides several Bible verses from both the Old and New testaments wherein God provides us with His words as it relates to many different fears.  Here is the list that she has provided:

Joshua 1:9                       Isaiah 8:11-13             John 6:20
Psalm 56:3                      Isaiah 44:8                  John 14:27
Psalm 56:4                      Isaiah 51:12                Acts 18:9
Psalm 91:5                      Jeremiah 1:8               1 Peter 3:14
Psalm 112:7                    Jeremiah 39:17           1 John 4:18
Psalm 118:6                    Matthew 17:7
Proverbs 3:24                Mark 5:36

Thank you for providing Your promises for me to cling to in times of unsettled thoughts.  You created us and knew we would need that.  You truly thought of everything!  There must be someone else reading this right now who needs to feel You are with them.  Please give them the sense of Your loving hand on their shoulder and Your gentle whisper in their ear as You tell them how deep Your love is for them! Amen

Joshua 1:9(ESV)~"Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

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