Friday, October 15, 2010

The Phone Call

Job 2:10 "We take the good days from God--why not also the bad days?" (The Message Bible)

 I didn't start out this day with the plans of writing a blog. 
 In fact, I really don't know a whole lot about this stuff.  I've only followed a few blogs randomly, although I will say, blogging is very intriguing to me.
 So, having said all of that, I should tell you that this is so not like me.  I usually NEVER start anything until I have a complete plan~start to finish, (which stops me from starting a lot of things....except reading books of course), but the events of the last week have had such a profound impact on me that I need to explore further. 
 Are you curious yet?  Well, here you go.  Last week I went in for my routine mammogram. guessed it.  The phone call came that there was some abnormality that needed further testing and "When could I come back?"  I said, "What's  available?"  She said, "Whenever you can come about tomorrow?"  Of course I immediately think the worst knowing that the first appointment took 6 weeks to get!  I scheduled an appointment, hung up the phone, and the question fell right on me like a ton of bricks.  WHAT IF I ONLY HAVE A LITTLE WHILE to live!!  What if I'm looking at the last six months of my life??  Am I doing what I need to be doing?

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  1. Great perspective from which to view and live life.