Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Are You Waiting For....and How Long Have You Been Waiting?

Psalm 119:74(MSG)
When they see me waiting, expecting Your Word, those who fear You will take heart and be glad.

Don't Give Up!  Wait on Him!

Waiting.  It's so difficult isn't it?  Webster's dictionary defines waiting in this way:  The act of "remaining" until something expected happens.  I pondered this idea last week, as I found myself sitting in a "waiting" room at our local hospital while my sweet mother was in the operating room having her hip replaced.  Yes, our family was gathered there in anticipation for a successful surgery without God be the glory, within a few short hours, we had exactly that.  But, what if the thing you are waiting on in your life doesn't happen quite according to your planned timeline?  What then?  
In church this past Sunday, our Pastor preached on this very subject.  (If you would like to hear this particular message in it's entirety, feel free to  click here.)  It was the third message in the Noah Series by  Pastor John Lindell entitled: God's Grace In A Deadly Place.

I always find it so interesting that each person can hear the same message and The Lord, through His gracious Holy Spirit, will illuminate exactly what you need to hear for that season in your lifeFor me, the takeaway was simple.  First, I was reassured that sometimes we might have to wait a lot longer for something we have been praying for than we had anticipated.  Secondly, I was reminded that how we "wait" really does matter, because other people are watching us "wait", as today's verse mentions..."When they see me waiting, expecting Your Word, those who fear you will take heart and be glad."  

Noah was a great example of a man who had heard from the Lord and obeyed.  He built an ark for safety from the destructive flood precisely according to the directions given from God.  Did it take Noah longer to build it than he expected it to?  I'm pretty sure it must have, sense it took him anywhere from 55-120 years, depending on what theological reference you choose.  Either way, that is a very loooonnnnggg time for a project to be completed!  And then, after boarding the Ark, Noah didn't disembark for a total 375 days!!  What?!  God said 40 days of rain, so, if I had been Noah, I would have thought, 40 days of rain and then we get off of the boat.  But, alas, it did not happen that way.  I'm pretty sure that on day 41, I probably would have been questioning God, whining about my "stinking situation" (as Pastor John described it), and trying to rework a better plan, but not Noah!  

No, Noah was not wailing.  Instead he was worshipping!  He chose not to move out of the boat until he had heard from the Lord!  After the rain stopped, minutes drug on into days....days into weeks...weeks into months...but Noah still remained...expecting God's word to direct him.  When they finally did walk out of that boat, I'm pretty sure that his wife, son's and their wife's were thrilled that Noah was so faithful!  They learned from their husband, father, and father-in-law what it truly looked like to be patient and filled with trust to a loving God.  When it was all said and done, I know they were glad they waited with Noah. about leaving an amazing legacy!  

So, I guess I just want to encourage someone who might be reading this today, as I was encouraged, that you need not give up!  Whatever you have heard from the Lord, through His word for your life, it will definitely come to pass!  You can count on Him!!  If He said will happen.  And, if you are still waiting to hear from Him for direction and leading, He will respond.  In our present world order where "high speed" is better and slow is bad, it is difficult to imagine having to "wait" on anything.  However, His timing is not always easily understood.  Wait on Him...and worship while you're waiting!!  God is definitely up to something good!! 

I am so encouraged by the faithfulness of Noah in this season of His life.  His story teaches me so much about persevering through difficult situations and trusting that You are NEVER early or late!  It helps me to be mindful that you are not a God of disorder...but a God of peace (I Corinthians 14:33) and that You have established an order for each life You have created!  What a gift!!  
May Your name be exalted in all the earth~


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