Saturday, January 4, 2014

His Breath

Psalm 119:73
With Your very own hands You formed me;  now breathe Your wisdom over me so I can understand You.

Walking through the woods, it's not hard to experience
first hand, the beauty of His creation.
I have no trouble in believing that God created me.  It certainly requires an element of faith to believe...but not near as much faith as it would take for me to believe in the evolutionary model and the formation of the universe through the cosmological "Big Bang Theory".

So, today's verse confirms for me who my Maker is and that without my request to Him for His very breath upon my life, I will NEVER understand Him or His design for my life.  Sounds simple enough to me.  The not so simple part, however, is the application of that wisdom.  It is simply arrogant and ignorant to think that we can live our lives by "our" made up rules.  The truth is we will always fall short without the saving grace of  Jesus and His defining direction for each of our lives.

Thank you for creating me.  You are everything that I need.  Please breathe Your wisdom over me today so that I can comprehend and apply Your direction for my life.  You truly are my map and my guide to complete understanding.
In the name of Your precious son, Jesus,

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