Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Troubles

Psalm 119:71 (MSG)
My troubles turned out all for the best--they forced me to learn from Your textbook.

This is so true, isn't it?  When things are circumstantially difficult, I am driven to His Word for security, guidance, and truth.  When everything is coming up smelling like roses, I am less likely to fall to my knees in desperation for Him. 

Looming storm clouds.
I will never understand why some of us have to carry the weight of the world.  Nor will I ever comprehend the reasons for why there are those who bare so many more burdens than others.  Nope...I'll never figure it out this side of heaven.  But, if I were to get a tiny glimpse into a benefit of our troubles, this verse might just be the key to unlocking the first door.

For today...I take heart that my troubles might actually be assisting me to lean on Him to a greater extent.  Those trials could possibly be allowing Christ to shine out of me instead of "me" shine out of me.  Kyanne Weaver said it beautifully in her post "Camouflage" from her blog:  Cavewoman Speaks (Sending Out Hope Signals For Cave People Everywhere) when she said, "Be encouraged to know that it isn't, never has been and never will be you who shines for Christ. It's Christ Who shines for you."  (To read her full post click here .)

Thank you for Your Word that sustains us and teaches us to learn how to glorify You....instead of ourselves.
In Christ's Name,

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